A six o’clock tie. Four o’clock chair. And twelve o’clock cutlery. Time made Hank and Hank made time. That’s the relationship they shared. For each other and with each other. Hank could not stand someone sitting in a 10 20 position. And time did not appreciate when Hank would wear the hat in an 8 10 position. Needless to say they fell in respect with each other; love was late, so they weren’t particularly fond of it.

It was Thursday when Hank and time got themselves into a rather odd situation. Hank had a presentation to deliver by 4 pm, and he badly wanted time to be with him. But time had to be somewhere else. Time was running out. Hank tried to stop her; time tried to convince Hank she could not wait. She was gone. Hank sat there, motionless. Time on the other hand had just gone down for a walk. She wanted him to miss her, value her, not just look at her as a reminder. She did not want to ruin his presentation. With just a few seconds to four, she returned. But to her disbelief, Hank asked her to wait out as he busied himself on the phone.

The air went cold and silence stormed to all corners of the room. Time was glaring at Hank. Muttering tick tick tick under her pursed lips. Hank was not ready to apologize. To add insult to injury, he tilted his hat. “Let’s discuss this over dinner”, commanded time.

Sharp 9. A six o’clock tie. Four o’clock chair. And twelve o’clock cutlery. Steak was to be ordered. Time did not like being kept waiting, so she insisted on Rare. Hank on the other time wanted to make her wait, so she could understand his agony. He wanted it Well Done. Time stood still. She wanted to tell Hank, she waits for no man. And Hank did not like time dictating his life. They settled for a medium rare.

From this moment on, they both started dissecting the afternoon.

Hank getting into the meat of the argument, stated,“You always knew it was at 4. You’d known for days. How could you bail out on me”?

Time was getting heated up, ready to grill Hank into submission. “You take me for granted when I’m there. I had to leave to make you realize I am more than just a goddamn alarm. You don’t value me Hank, you never do”.

Hank was in the mood to add fuel to fire, “Don’t you understand woman, Time is Money”.

Hank just heard what he had said. He decided to reduce the heat. “Listen, I value you over anybody else. You know that. I was really under pressure in the afternoon. I promise I’d never do that to you again. You mean everything to me. I can’t stop thinking about you even for a second. I wouldn’t know what to do without you!”

The meat was flipped. Seasoned. And served.

As Hank prodded her with a should-we-eat, she blushed out, “It’s about time”.


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