Chapter 23

“Dolores, I can’t believe that it’s just been three weeks since we’ve been seeing each other. I’ve been with my share of women, but you’re one of a kind. I guess because you don’t try hard. You don’t lead me on; neither do you let me go. You and I are like Lego bricks”.

Melina kept that piece of paper down. Removed her glasses. Untied her hair and holding that pensive look, glanced at Sean sitting near the window with his typewriter. “Sean, baby, I like where you’re going with this chapter. I mean there’s something there. But why does it have to be a semblance of something vague? Shouldn’t Gareth be sure by now? I mean he’s got to have figured it out by now. How can he always fall for someone intriguing? Don’t you see a pattern here? And why is he Gareth. Can’t he be Karl? Karl has a sense of mystique around him. Baby? Are you even listening sweetheart?”

After an unusually long stare, Sean began typing.

“Carla on the other hand did not approve of where Gareth was heading. She never liked a new woman taking over his life. She had put in a lot of effort to be the second best. She’d coloured her hair red, tangerine, electric blue, black and every other shade of lust. She had earned her divided attention. She loved being the emergency booty call. But this new sea of women was creating a ripple that made her uncomfortable. She wished Gareth could just stay put with his decision. She was getting bored of changing her hair colour. She was getting used to the natural whites.”

Sean punched in the last key and went to change his look. He did that while writing. His wife thought he was getting into character. The truth was he was just washing them off from his mind. Wearing a crisp orange shirt and white underwear, he walked back into the room. His wife was getting dirty with Monica, her bestie from college, who had just walked in consumed from the air travel. As they were licking off the honey from each other’s body, he returned to his typewriter.

“Carla met Dolores at the Ice Cream parlour. Dolores was devouring her Raspberry when Carla walked in. She ordered her usual chocolate vanilla and sat right opposite Dolores. Carla wanted to have the upper hand. She twirled her tongue. Gnawed at the cone. Her lips trying to pucker her way to the bottom. Dolores meanwhile was just gulping her way through the cone, trying to get there first. Before they could decide, Gareth walked in with Susie – a 21 year old, his 22nd conquest. She was beautiful. Sexy. But blind. Gareth wanted to get her into a world of colour. At that moment, Dolores did not exist. Carla was not there. The only thing on his mind was Susie and colour. He smeared her face with every flavour, telling her how pale it looked in front of her. And how tasteless the world is in comparison to her skin. Dolores had tears in her eyes. Carla had pistachio ice cream all over her hands. Her hands in her hair, trying desperately to turn them green.”

Sean punched in that last word. Wore his sunglasses and began dancing to an Outkast classic – Hey Ya as his wife and her bestie squealed in pleasure.

This was just another page in the life of Sean Mardy. 


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