It’s funny how a German and Jew came together

To turn the tide of the black feather

To uproot an oppression

Stuck in a desert of congress session

The President wanted an ammendment

The Dentist too was hellbent

One abolished slavery by skewing the legal hand

The other took the law in his own hand

Quentin unchained the western myth

Steven went with a wordsmith

Nigger became the razor sharp blade for Quentin

While Steven sliced with Negro in his fight against the fair skin

Djamie aced it and foxxed it too

But it was Daniel’s Day and Lewis got his due



Two Americans decided to tell a story

Of blood & death and eternal glory

They both wanted to free slavery

So they told tales of heroism and bravery

It’s funny how one used a German

And the other used a Jew

Black was fashioned by both

And such contrasting shades they drew

One rampaged with Nigger

While the other campaigned with Negro

Quentin pulled out an ace

Steven put forth a case

Cowboy Django and President Lincoln made their point

And neither did disappoint

One packed in the punchlines

The other made a statement

Django killed the oppression

Lincoln passed an amendment

Jamie saddled down the slope

As Daniel rode away with the Golden Globe


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