“The year was good for me you know. Goals and achievement, what better way to assess a year that’s gone by?”

Accomplishment, he corrected her as he continued to type in the computer.


“I completed my first novel. Roughly hundred pages, but I finished it nonetheless.

You have no idea how liberating the feeling is.”

That’s a novella; he corrected her again while making the coffee.


“I have also kept my weight in check. I’ve lost 2 and half pounds. Maybe I will fit in that little black dress.”

Do I wear glasses for that, because I cannot see it, he scuffed out while stirring the coffee.


“John, why are you so grumpy all the time?”

“Will that be all ma’am?” he said with a fake upbeat voice she was accustomed to.


“I actually feel like having nuggets”

“Would you like fries with that?” he spat out.


“No. you’re very mean. How much is it?”


“That’ll be 4.5$.”

“Thanks and cheer up. And happy New Year”


“Hello, Welcome to McDonalds, how may I help you?”


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