Eid Mubarak

She had been waiting. For long days. Sleepless nights. She did not look up at the sky. She wanted it to be special. Her wait meant much more to her than anybody else. She could not explain. She did not want to. For all her prayers there was one answer- him. For all her desires, there was only one – him. For all the dark nights, there was just one gleam oh hope – him. 30 days she had waited. For him to come and shower light. Take her in. Make her his. He, too, had waited. And this was his once in a blue moon moment. He prayed to the Gods. While everyone would break into a smile when he came in sight, he was looking for a reason of his own. He had never seen a mirror, and this time around, he longed to see one. He wanted to snuggle up in the blanket of clouds and just look at the beauty that God had sent for him. As he showed his face, she emerged from under her cloak. Basking in the yellow demure of the lamp, her white drape reflected her aura. Her hair swept back. Her smile nestling within the new found joy. He, the moon broke into a smile, a smile he had waited for centuries. He looked deep in her eyes and pronounced, “Mashallah”.


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