Strangely & Cashew

One born of fire and other plays phoenix. Within an unrelated base, taking a semantic alibi, the two crab claws took the bait. And walked side by side.


With friction not being open to moot, the inevitable monster was set to strike soon. He did. And faffed around to look for a weak link. His impatience was met by a resolute strength, an indomitable spirit. The monster walked off.


The rains came along. The romance blossomed. Dripping under the weeping sky, two mortals looked up and laughed. At the joy that had drenched them. Life was beautiful around. The skies roared in thunder. The fire players had taken shade in water.


The winds were cold. They were not. Quilts came out and hid them under for days. The patios loved their company. The beverages happily brewed themselves. Snowflakes played welcome. Warm clothing came in the form of skin. And they completed a year.

It was the start of something beautiful.


7 thoughts on “Strangely & Cashew

  1. Too much of any one season causes the seed to rot. If you’ve planted it, don’t punish it, be tender, forgiving, let it breathe, let it grow. let the beautiful plant emerge, let it live all these seasons.

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