The Boat. The Oars. And Us.

She was apprehensive to share numbers.

I shared the feeling.
She loved the idea of a message waiting for her online.
I shared the feeling.
“We should have kept it that way”.
I shared the feeling.
The texts came every other hour, it made us smile.
Conversations travelled into private spaces.
Passions came to the fore.
The heart was ready to travel that extra mile.
Wants started nudging needs.
But a beautiful picture could be broken.

These could be dangerous seeds.
The characters from a book could come alive.
We might enter a special place too soon.

We would tear each other up, would we survive?
Questions haunted. Acceptance haunted. Denial haunted.

“I don’t know if I want to talk”
I shared the feeling.
“If given a chance, I wouldn’t meet.”
I shared the feeling
But the heart yearned for something more.
It was challenging the mind and its demons.

Was it ready to deal with the joy and sore?
She still leaves notes for me online, jus so you know
If I don’t answer, the dilemma will continue

Do I live the dream or let it go.


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