Handle With Care

She took the social network by storm. She floored many a soul with her wit. Her charm. Her casual banter. Her take on life. But when alone, her oblivion took over. And lost within her reveries, she found expressions to mirror herself. Caught between stardom and solitude, she found her own. Like a butterfly that hopped from one flower to another, she continued to explore. Nurtured with a cultural liberty we don’t see often these days. “My freedom comes with a conscience,” with a smile she says. She exhibited light. But the shadows were for her alone. And she walked along.

She held the camera with ease. Within the chaos that surrounded her, she found her peace. Freezing moments in time, she created impressions that kept you craving for more. She spoke through colours. She spoke through tones. And suspended emotions you would want to explore. A canvas she painted with her eyes. The camera simply had to oblige.

She be independent, self made and expressionistic. But underneath the cloak, sat an untainted soul.  One who sought beauty in the simplest life forms.

She took her professional bend to bring inanimate objects to life. She designed space. And that created time. Within hues and lights, she dazzled empty rooms. And people warmed up to it. Basking in the people’s warmth, she found her quilt.

Her eyes were seeking. For an unknown. For an experience that would liberate. A look into the horizon. A stare into herself. And life gazed upon her. And she smiled. And within that secluded not knowing smile, she began to grow.

Her modern style takes you to the days of folklore. Pagan sometimes. Sometimes contemporary. Her hair sits with her moods. But doesn’t cover face, she lets that shine through. A bun many a time. Left loose other times. She swept her hair back and tied all loose ends together. Her words became stronger. Her whims found control. Impulse became a rare indulgence. Meaning found a way in.

The teenager faded away. And the woman was born.


12 thoughts on “Handle With Care

  1. I am extremely happy at this attempt at understanding me. We are, afterall, strangers. What you’ve written is commendable considering it is solely based on your understanding of me without any kind of direct inputs from me.

  2. You have painted a vivid portrait of a beautiful individual, with vibrant and at times haunting colours. These intriguing shades convey that even though the feelings and emotions are kept solely to that individual, you have achieved a surreal level of understanding.

    You have a way with words. Really good post.

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