A fetish soaked in wine

She sat there with her deep voice and her glass of wine. The hair – tied in a single braid. The eyes – covered with thick rimmed glasses. What I describe may have the illusion of class, but frankly it’s not. It’s more of a sleaze. A look that cried, “Squeeze me please”. As she dabbled in discussions, beyond the deep voice quality, my mind was somewhere else. She was more like an Indian version of Faye Valentine. And I don’t mean the way she looks, but rather the way she ‘looks’. So, when my acrobatic mind, my itching hand and my mouth got into a conference, the final resounding desire was a spank. And when this desire was shared with a rather adventurous woman sitting alongside, she scanned the object of desire and gave it a thought before nodding. And added that she would rather be spanked by her. So, within a beautiful image in my head, crept in another one. Here’s a toast to the most beautiful living beings on earth. Happy Women’s Day.


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