The Elusive Factor

Also known as the ‘x’ factor, we are talking about the women who give you mixed vibes. And these women have their days. Some days cute and desirable in a very different way. Yes, the desires too vary from a coffee conversation to wine and what follows after.  And then there are days when even a glimpse towards her takes an effort, and when you do, you just look at someone who understands this and emphatically nod, “naah”.

If we go in the subset of the same, you shall also spot aged eyes every now and then, that my friends is a very comforting ‘sight’. Yes, I’m a writer and that too in advertising. But I haven’t written “ Small issue. Big issue. One tissue.”. anyways, let me not digress. Coming back to the women. While I talk about these sad eyes, there is also this sadness that is so fucking beautiful. You feel like making love to the woman, and not out of pity, but love, yes, it does birth at weird places and times. But this maybe a writer thing, don’t think if all will relate to this.

The smile. Now, there are universal smiles, the private smiles, the not-knowing smiles and the flirtatious smiles. And then there is one, which sometimes is a mesh of all these or something completely different. And this smile can drive you mad, because it lingers.

The hair. Wear it differently and we take notice. We are old school at times and also neo-modern if you want us to be. A braid would do. Red streaks would do. Blonde won’t do. You play with it and we notice.

The walk. Off late I have been witnessing the mannequin walk, the latina walk, the obedient student walk, the look-at-ma-a** walk. And sometimes a simple, yet noticeable walk catches the eye.

And yes, a woman who smokes. The associations are mind boggling.

Ok, enough. Bah.


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