Die Edward Cullen Die

So, the mix tapes are out. Nothing’s gonna change my love has changed. And everything I do, well, Bryan Adams, just performed, so that’s still there, otherwise the flavour of the season or rather seasons has been the cold fucker from twilight who is fucking the daylight of our lives. Thankfully we are well past the teenage, but it just takes me back to the days when the adored Edward was Scissorhands and not an impotent fuck, who talks only in a soft orgasmic voice to Bella. The following words will talk about the new Saint Valentine of the new millennium and the problems with the “Beautiful Vampire”. And then some general ramble too.

So, he shines in the sun, is faster than any animal, is the strongest man you’d see. And he is so horny, that he believes he will literally eat you up if turned on. So he DOES NOT make out. Ladies, do you see the problem? If you hue and cry over Edward Cullen, get it clear, no straight man will want to be him.

Ok, enough about the soft-spoken woman of a man. Where do we go next? Oh, how about a missed generation? I know people at 18 making Archies Gallery their pimp store and I know people at 30 doing the same. While a man in-between writes this post. It’s fascinating how the mind works.

But then there is a very nice Indian bend to it. The old school generation who still finds it difficult to express, uses this day to get a partner. What’s funny is that on the other side of the spectrum, people use this day to get laid. And yes, celebrating love is a reason, but in the end of the day it’s sex. Yes, candles will add an effect, but it is sex.

Today, the writing’s off. Fuck it.


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