Greetings from the rooftop

As the sun bid goodbye to her side of the world, he left a lasting impression. The sky was bathing in a palette of red, orange and maroon. The sun, that way, has the finest canvas ever, the sky, she said to herself. Cuddling the strong cold breeze, she stood there, looking at the beautiful painting floating mid-air on her east. The sight reminded her of one of the beautiful moments the heavens had gifted her – the horizon spark, designed by the sun himself. She will never forget that flight.

While the reveries had taken over, the bliss was gaining some stability. A suspended high, she termed that! And then, almost symbolically, an eagle starting soaring in the sky. One eagle. No other. She could sense her soul breaking into a smile. After a long time, she felt liberated. Caught in the stress of life and emotional claustrophobia, here was a moment that smelt of freedom. She kissed the air in acknowledgement.

The eagle continued singing her song of nirvana. And continued soaring.


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