Stupid is as Stupid does – Diesel

It all started with a contest I won at twitter. And what has ushered in ever since from the fellas at Diesel, is simply overwhelming. They haven’t just won over a fan, but a custodian who is spreading the message of being stupid. Yes, I have involved my office as well in branding their desks with a bit of Stupid.

David was Stupid,  and hence he could kick Goliath’s ass. I met such a David at the Palladium store, who made my Diwali rock with kickass merchandise. And I am truly grateful to him and also the guys at Diesel for making such mad stuff. I shall put forth a photo essay of the stuff I’ve got from the Kickass team at Diesel.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So, there it is. My Diesel experience. Thank you fellas, once again.

And as your mantra says, Long Live Stupid.


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