Office changed. And so did something else.

En route to office

For 10 months, my office journey had a nice routine to it. Coupla bridges, and there was this college band on a twirling road, leading to a station, and again people there. In short, it was a scene where I spotted, beautiful girls/women, hot aunties, cute kids, happy uncles, tired workers and aunties who wore intent and passion to work every day. So, within a crowd that gave you various reasons to smile, my entry to office was rather pleasant.

But things changed. And how.

To avoid the morning traffic, I take the back road. The open stretch for 4 mins makes way for some kickass song and a smoke, and the thoughts enjoy their way into each other during this time. The open grounds, the gushing wind and the music – the mind, no wonder is at its happiest here! But what follows then is the sorry state of life, and yes, from their perspective, I do sense happiness and small joys, but then there is a suppressed sadness. Slums barely standing in a row, girls getting their lice removed, young kids trying to get that perfect look by staring into a hand mirror. Men brushing their teeth, women getting ready for lunch and thus I turn into a road where it gets worse. Being sensitive to the sight of suffering, hospitals never help. I try to avoid looking, but sometimes you can’t help, but look. I don’t want to describe the sights. But anyways, 2 mins later, I am in office.


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