As I witness life trotting along in front of me

I sit sterile, infected, injected, trying to be

Looking at things from a rear view, wanting them to fade

But my turtle pace is just inching me closer to the blade

Within the design made for me, I try to make my own

But I find myself trapped by it, eroding on the seeds formerly sown

Media throws surprises of relevance every so often

I chuckle, sigh, and let this hard exterior soften

Strange are the powers of substitution

Duplication evades, and yet one finds bound by a social institution

Grass, like the metaphor dictates, remains greener on the other side

As I sit on in the bushes, waiting for my fate to ride


2 thoughts on “Numb

  1. Relief.yes a sigh of relief.. to discover I am not the only muddle-headed creature witnessing life pass by me. I loved the line – “i sit sterile,infected,trying to be” sums up everything without much ado.

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