Love goes digital

A peep into the eclectic generation of today!

The coffee house round the corner, the bar you used to rely on, the ice-cream parlour you take her to, all these places are no longer your first date spots. Welcome your boon. Welcome your curse. Welcome the social networking sites. What started with orkut, and what drives the nation today, facebook and twitter, have become your first point of communication. Does this mean the end of an era?

The rapid boom in social networking has resulted in many resorting to this medium for choosing your partner, many of the couples present today, have taken shape from these nests. Right from early birds fascinated with the applications, to the more mature audience finding likeminded souls in communities, the spark in a relationship these days begins with the World Wide Web.

The advent of this medium has elevated standards of dating, with common interests being established before the meeting in flesh. Expert psychologists say that attraction has found a deeper intellectual definition to it. She also proclaims that these networking sites also act as a catalyst for spurring up relations.

Social networking boom has had a profound impact on today’s generation even in the offline world. A cult has been born, and it’s eroding the pre-set definitions.

The young blood of India is still traditional at heart, but very modern at the brain. Today’s generation is very experimental, and does not mind venturing out into new avenues. Romance too now comes from an intellectual exchange of thoughts, words and ideas, and not like the age old vague vibe you used to get. But in the process, first dates are losing their naivety and infectious charm. A working advertising professional says, “We don’t have the time to beat around the bush, we’re always playing catch-up with time, it is better if we know them in advance!”

This just makes you question the traditional methods of dating. Interests had second secondary importance as compared to the vibes one used to get, the physical attraction surpassed everything, and other things were compromised, and this wasn’t looked down upon, as a matter of fact, it was pagan. Of course the innocence was still intact, unfortunately that seems to be fading away. Are we going against the law of nature? Against the tradition? Are we too influenced by the west? Or does the online medium just makes a lotta sense?

Conventions have been broken. It’s a new era where the alpha male too uses beta now.

(written long time back)


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