When the Big Idea takes a sick leave!

The opportunity has presented itself. It is today. And all you need to have is a hard on for a long time, and then pleasure will be complimentary. Because you have the craft. But what if the mind refuses to give you an erection? The result, you become slimy, and no matter how much you shag, you’re not getting a hard on. That’s how the brain’s been today. Slimy. Let me put it this way, what if you can score with Ana Ivanovic (don’t ask why), and then Jeff’s Melty Man Cometh. Such is my state today. How I wish Nolan was residing in me in this very moment. But instead I have the redundant David Dhawan, or any such regressive guys. Can you believe I thought of a Swiss Knife for an idea? I mean, kill me!!! There have been many such ‘waccrap’ moments. And as they say it, I’m reinventing the wheel. Tried to distract myself with music and youtube and smokes. And where did I return?? HERE, writing this post. Also makes me wonder how annoying it can get when on decisive days, employees take a sick leave. Not being a hypocrite, as I, too, like you have been a culprit. Why do we have all these days? And being human is not the answer I’m looking for! Yeah, being whimsical and moody fit, but there has to be something more concrete. Maybe there isn’t, and I’m looking for a good reason today. Don’t want to resort to science; Dr. Cooper is fun on television, not for good. Though would be fun for some time. Hmmm. Returning to my impotent state. What do I do now? Just start afresh tomorrow? But then that would be like resigning my mind today! Why are we so demanding from ourselves? Why do we breed such an ego that’s tough to calm down? When you keep yourself on a pedestal, it’s very tough to be satisfied. No wonder our kind is often termed clandestine. It’s not like we are leprechauns, just we’re tough to satisfy. Ok, that just makes me sound like a smug king.

What was I talking about again? Fuck it. I’ll keep trying. Maybe some spark will be kind on me.


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