One day

She was waiting at the bus stand. Her blue umbrella reflected a sunny sky. The rain thus became irony. A grey tee and denim shorts adorned her slender body. She was lost in her thoughts. Her face depicted commotion. As I walked towards her, her face broke into a smile. I was listening to “way out of here” as I walked towards her. I smiled to myself. Thought of telling her that, but arrested my impulse. We hugged. For long. I palmed her face and looked at her beyond a normal time. She held that gaze. She broke the moment by saying, “Let’s go smartass”. Without giving in to an argument, I obliged. We approached a taxi and gave the driver our address. The rain had picked up. The trees were singing along to the downpour. It was one of the finest orchestrations of the skies. 30 minutes and small talk later, we reached our resort.

We took the keys to our beach cottage and walked towards the cottage. She smiled at me and said, “You’ve put on. But you look nice”. I, again, resorted to silence. Before I unlocked and entered the cottage, I pulled her umbrella away and let the droplets soak her a tad bit. After some initial resistance, she gave in. She closed her eyes. I could sense liberation. We checked in and settled our bags into the closet. I fired a cigarette. She, in the meantime, was walking towards the mirror. She was staring at something ineffable. Her eyes searching, and then resigning! She had some fiery vision, but somehow looked tainted now. I walked towards her and turned her towards me. I pushed her hair back. She let me. We did not exchange words. She took the cigarette from my hand and took a long drag. She pulled my hand and started walking towards the patio. It wasn’t raining anymore. It was like the skies had taken a break to let this moment happen. The view from the patio was unreal. The sea in such a season looks its best. She made me sit on the armchair and sat on my lap, curled from behind.

To be continued. ..


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