Sony Ericsson’s disgraceful ELM experience

Your eco-friendly venture is still getting recycled!

Shame on you!

With the mobile phone market booming, and friends and colleagues alike pushed me to go for a Nokia E Series phone, I stuck my neck out and promised to stick to Sony Ericsson. Been a loyal K800i user for over two years, taking the comfortable UI and my past experience with the brand, I decided to stick with Sony Ericsson. While going through the models, I bumped into ELM and thought of this being a very noble initiative and made my contribution with purchase. Even with my eyes set on Aino, I decided to go for SE ELM. The day I bought this, I texted all my friends and intimated them of my purchase and urged them to buy ELM! While a few retorted with mockery, the genuine environment caring people really appreciated my decision and also praised Sony Ericsson for such a noble initiative.

The downfall:

3 weeks in use, my phone started encountering problems. It started hanging way too often for comfort, that too without the memory card being fully loaded or heavy use of internet. I found this behaviour baffling. I had to remove the battery and turn on the phone 7 times a day to get it working. After losing patience, I approached the store from where I bought this handset; the culprit in consideration is FONES 4 U, located in Chembur, Mumbai, India. With the store having multiple branches and with Sony Ericsson never giving me a reason to complain, I thought this must be a minor fault and will be corrected. I was promised to get my phone working again in 2 days. With me writing this mail, it is evident that never happened. The store manager wasn’t even courteous too inform me about the delay and I had to follow up umpteen number of times, just to hear a delay from his side. The poor service made me judge Sony Ericsson’s incompetence in choosing partners to sell their products. The debacle went overboard when the store stopped answering my calls. I had to personally pay a visit to enquire about the actual problem. And mind you, this was 3 weeks after I had given them the phone. The store manager said there was some software problem which had relapsed and they were looking into it. Then I was informed, that it was not a software problem, but a hardware problem and the piece would come in the next week and I shall get the phone by 3rd of July. In the event of that not happening, and my work hours not giving me enough time, I asked my dad to go and follow up. My dad too was given a reason, this time of it being a software problem and if for the third time, it does not happen, the handset will be replaced. On 13th July, my phone was delivered. On receiving it, I found out, the phone in fact was not cured at all. And it required the same ordeal of inserting the battery again to get it started. And after a couple of attempts it died again.

Then the phone was taken to the service centre personally to look into the problem and they have given me a work order for the same. Work order no: SE310RT112275.

I have been utterly disappointed and mentally harassed at such pathetic service. All my friends have made a mockery out of my situation by insulting the Eco-Friendly behaviour of the phone. Never before have I received so much criticism on my purchase. It was demoralising to say the least. It has also led to a downfall in my credibility to suggest them effective credible purchases. Ever since, I have been regretting buying SE and would have definitely preferred Nokia over it. The physical and mental stress that your company has brought over me is inexplicable and unwarranted. Not only have I lost faith in Sony Ericsson but have also started advising people to purchase other brands over SE. I feel ashamed to have promoted your brand all this time and would like an explanation for such erratic behaviour. If you cannot repair my mental situation and bring peace to my chaos, you can surely, repair the phone at the earliest. It is pointless to ask from you a new phone or remuneration, because taking the past events into consideration, I know that too would be futile. I just wanted to inform you that you have lost a loyal customer and very soon would be losing many more.

It’s a disgrace, really!

Yours (former) faithfully,

Ashirwad Mhatre


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