The clock is ticking. The crickets have announced their presence. The fan’s ‘tak…tak…tak…tak’ acts like a timer. The computer in front of you is losing faith in you. She can see it in your eyes. “Don’t betray me, don’t leave me alone”, she signals to me. Reveries are speeding at full speed, they’re racing with the sub-conscious – aka as the sleep drug. The dreaded yawns are on their way. Out of the blue, your jeans right pocket knocks on the cotton envelope inside. You look at it and see the poor cigarette case expressing in its puppy faced expression, “I’m missing you”, she says. The kind hearted cannot overlook that sad face. So, I decide to go and spend some time with it and its components. And FYI, the sub-conscious hates them cigarettes, because reveries take over and it loses vital space and time. As soon as I pressed the button on the case, out came one magical stick with a promise to drug me well. The temptation was too much resist, I gave in and added fire to the fuel (Courtesy: Rothamans Igniter). After a highly satisfying private session, I returned to my seat to apologize to the monitor. I didn’t have the balls to face the CPU, it was making a lot of noise, I understood her fury, and it was highly immoral on my part to leave her unattended. Within that convincing, apologizing and working, I was suddenly shocked by a small yawn that came along! I was shocked; I panicked, gulped down water. I knew the battle had begun. Reveries were long defeated. The sleep drug was gushing towards me at an unassailable, immeasurable speed. I saw a tear rolling down my monitor’s face, she wept and then there was this sudden rage, and from what I could decipher, her final words were, “You shall regret this tomorrow morning” and as my eardrums started getting ready to see their friend, MUTE, my eyes started squinting, and from my mouth, out came a monstrous yawn. It growled thrice to announce its arrival, its victory and indeed its supremacy. I had become a victim. Trapped, it sucked me into its world and injected me with the sleep-drug.


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