Delusional, ill-mannered bitch!

The drag client meet!

It was half past 3 on a lazy Thursday afternoon! I was yawning my way through work. Whatever morsels’s left!  As my yawns were racing with the seconds, I was summoned for a meeting. After a couple of loose attempts at whining, complaining and expressing my sincerest desire not to attend the meeting, I eventually gave in to the puppy face of my client servicing executive. He was fondling with fire when he asked me to carry a notepad and a pen (I seldom carry notepads/pens/pencils).

I was looking forward to the black coffee though. That’s the sole reason I don’t mind these meetings. Un/fortunately the office is walking distance. So, as I sleepwalked myself towards their office, I grabbed a smoke on the way; again with the hope of rounding up the good combo with coffee which was about to follow.

After 7 more yawns, at the reception, I shut my eyes for a while. I was awoken by the sound of the pencil hitting the floor. That just made me realize how dead the place is.

The silence was eerie. I shrugged and sat up!

Then walked in an almost bald man with scary eyes. He looked like one of those cool, muscular rapists they show in movies. He escorted us to a conference room. The company in consideration dealt with schools. I, for a minute cringed. Then I let the thought pass by. I was awaiting him asking us for tea or coffee. After a casual “Hey, how you doing?” the next words that came out from his mouth were “So, let’s begin, shall we?”

I thought it would be inappropriate to interrupt and ask him for my coffee.

I placed my notepad on the table, rested my elbows on it, and leaned forward to show I’m attentive. Weirdly that made him assume that I’m the art director and not the copywriter.

The client servicing executive and the accompanied visualizer turned zombies the moment they stepped in. So, after a moment’s pause, I thought I should take the onus and take in as much as I can, and then communicate the same thoughts to the art director once back in office. To my disbelief, he found some errors in the design and was asking me for alternatives right there itself, I could not tell him I’ll run this off with my art person, because she was sitting right next to me, and her nervousness or lack of ability/knowledge was acting like a huge drawback now. It was my responsibility to cover for her and save the company’s face. Although the crisis wasn’t monumental, it just had to be dealt with!

Oh, the coffee. I slipped in the shameless occasional yawn to give a sign. Then, when the client excused himself to get some reference brochure, I pounced on the opportunity to tell the servicing guy to call for coffee. But the pussy decided to stay shut! I had given up by then. The meeting was adjourned after a senseless hour that resulted in lot of design changes and copy modifications on the content written by the client itself.

No coffee, no sleep, no work!

Bloody bitch!


One thought on “Delusional, ill-mannered bitch!

  1. Well you tend to yawn occasionally,i do it all the time.A potent mixture of nicotine and Caffeine further adds to the misery.My clients they are bunch of cheesy, stoned( IQ below zero level) nonchalant bunch of loosers.That applies to our traditional rivals our so called neighbours as well,they are bunch of nice & cunning people but unfortunately are just too dumb.So the best way to get out of all this mess,get some local smuggled booze. A perfect getaway from this messed up Land of Camel Piss.I would rather be a law breaker than endure such insanity.

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