A couple of decades had passed. I was on the brink of a new horizon; this was going to be my last release. My last opportunity to break free, before I’m bound with tradition! It’s not like my life will arrest itself, just I won’t be a  freebird then! I stepped onto new shores, a shore dominated by the sand! I pondered on the saying, “the more you try to grip the sand, the faster it escapes your fingers”, or something like that! I had this urge to grab this opportunity by the scruff of its neck and pound it to ecstasy, but then this idiom too haunted me. Amidst the entertainment that I was promised and even while being present in this spectacle, I quietly escaped to my recluse! It was mixed emotions through the entire cruise. My mind, like the craft I was on board, was swaying with the waves on that serene water body. “Yes, I have finally come here, but doesn’t seem complete, doesn’t feel right. Maybe if Nidhi was here, or better Jason.” I was living a long series of sighs. Is this the breakout I longed for? Even if it isn’t, I’m going to make it one! Though I hope someone hears these cries! Someone who holds me and says it’s all right! Hey you, are you listening?

G. Rover.

On a thought cruise


She seems like a calm ocean here. The sort of calm that comes after a storm, and not before it! She looked beautiful. Serene. Don’t know if there is turmoil in her mind right now, but her mind plate seems to be scribbled. How do I know you ask? Obviously through the window of those eyes! She seems settled in that chaos, like she is riding with the storm. She looks lost in the material world that encircles her body, but seems to belong in the haven that ignites her mind. It’s a sad as well as happy emotion, nirvana that is. Maturity drips from those eyeliner-laden eyes! I always wonder on that pause people take when they decide to communicate with themselves. It’s a blank stare at nothingness. Yes, nothingness, because it’s an emotion that cannot be objectified. But the eyes are searching, searching for some love. I can relate to that. I want to stretch my arms and tell her its all right. Not in a sympathetic way, mind you. I like a thinking woman, a mature woman who knows where she stands, and where she needs to gallop. I can sense that in her. I want to be around her, not communicate through words, but just through my presence. I think she’ll understand. I just wish I could reach out, I wish she could hear me answer her cries. Hey you, are you listening?

D. Webb


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