Rhythmic hews of thoughts!

High hopes, the sound triggered me to write this.

Beyond the horizon…

After a stranger’s ponder, it registered that we need an inspiration to write. Maybe it didn’t quite register, was more like bells ringing inside, and that gong got the mind into its first gear, and the rustic thoughts decided to vocalize, and pleaded to be driven by words. And so here I am!

Every sound comes with an association, a visual representation as such. All germinating from images slapped on your memory plate time and again! What intrigues me is the choice the sub-conscious makes! There are many images that invite and preach, but the mind gives eyes only to a few! Selective attention may have a theory behind it as well, but then I don’t feel like giving heed to the hypothesis, however valid it may be! I like my illusion and my lucid definition of the same.

“Now we are free” by Hans Zimmer

Yes, I’m going to let music drive this post! Never intended it to, but then acting on whim here…

This music actually gives a sense of freedom. Note that I’ve said music and not song! The interpretation and acceptance of my own words come from a blend of illusion and social images bombarded towards me. There are certain sounds or cries if I may that evoke sympathetic love. The music makes you wanna close your eyes and levitate to breathe the air, give in to the atmosphere as such, while there is another part of me that makes me want to reach out to kids, reach out and hold them close, not necessarily help them, but to feel their agony. I associate galloping stallions with freedom for some reason, that visual representation trances wind with every step.

“Everybody hurts” REM.

I can rant here. Yes, I relate to the song in two ways. Yes, SONG. Lyric driven this stands. I do feel hurt and this song brings an acceptance. It also juxtaposes beautifully with Osho’s words of “this too shall pass.” The flipside here makes me want to make other’s listen to this song, for whatever pain I’ve inflicted on many. Even if I can’t, maybe the song can reach out to them and make them take it as an imperfection and not judge someone. And yes, I’m selective with the stanzas I like in this; I shun away from the not so good words and take the ones I like as a premise to build a cloud of my own with them!

“But it rained” by Parikrama

This sound attracted me to Indian Rock. The sound roots from here, while the thoughts expressed are more modern, more plausible atleast. But I’m more concerned with the sound. This is where rock married Indian music for me. The lead guitar still has its solo thrill, but then there is this sitar sorta sounding instrument that leads you into the guitars, which in one word sounds, beautiful. This is the beauty of music. It takes your pre-set notions, or pre-set images that have been set on your plate and turns them upside down and smacks a new blend of flavours that you associated elsewhere. This ‘jugalbandhi’ as I like to call it, (din wanna call it fusion) opens up new horizons, and yes, horizons, thereby leading you to imagine a new canvas altogether. It’s like being presented with brushes, urging you to create.

“I am I said” by Neil Diamond

This is a very ambitious sound. It does give you an embarking feel. And here its Neil’s deep vocals that drive you all the way. It doesn’t shout, negates the arrogance that usually rock shouts, its blues and it has this calm serene confidence. It’s more like an acceptance and looking forward, all with flaws as well, making it more human. It goes against the rock current, which boasts and shines in that glory, hence the voice pulls you and makes you wanna travel with it and perceive all that it wants to show.

“Everybody’s gotta learn sometime” by BECK

This is the soundtrack from Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. This song does nothing but take me back to this beaut of a movie. There is the visual imagery coupled with the sound making this read like poetry in my mind. There are certain notes in this song that glide through your soul making the hypothetical eyes glint.

“Yellow ledbetter” by Pearl Jam

Pearl jam has its own sound, let me not reiterate its brilliance. But vedder’s voice cries to your soul, and you in return cry back by repeating his words in affirmation. His high notes drag you along to experience what lies there. And then there are these awesome leads as asked make you metaphorically cry. You see your mind going through a tumult when that guitar ‘cries’ to you!! Another masterpiece from the Alternative legends!

And yes, I would want to talk about High Hopes the song, sound of Floyd, but then it deserves an altogether new post.

“Feeling good” by Michael Buble

Jazz and its modern charmer – that’s Michael Buble for you. Wine voiced buble effortlessly tangles your senses and makes you wanna get up and sway to his voice and the Sax that plays in the background. He is one of the artists that I want to see perform at a Ball, not necessarily a concert. Buble, wine and your loved one make way for one of the most beautiful jived evenings you can ask for!

“Superman” by Five For Fighting

One of the finer written songs, Superman, for me is a perspective writing example fused with good piano, making this a song you fall in love with. It’s one of those songs that brings a smile to your face, and I personally love the line, “it’s not easy to be me”, it just adds a lot of layers to my vagabond mind.

John Mayer’s “Your body is a wonderland.” Not listening to the whole song, will skip this, but want to note that this boy has an awesome voice. He, along with Dave Matthews is the whiskey voiced boy.

“Society” by Eddie Vedder

Rooting from the woods of “Into the wild”, Eddie Vedder’s voice and this awesomely written song gives a more apologetic view of a society from a rebel’s perspective. “Society, you crazy breed, I hope you’re not angry if I disagreed, society, crazy indeed, I hope you’re not lonely without me”, these lines become the soul of the song. And the mild strumming makes it pleasant on the eardrums!

“ I find that I’m not there” by Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree has a sound that appeals to your soul, it’s more like the sound and soul converse to each other. The sound overpowers everything with this band. Steven Wilson’s band has shades of Floyd, thus giving you an underground, alternative psychedelic sound. Though I oppose the very definition of underground, the word and not the movement, mind you! It’s your alter ego’s dessert of sorts. It’s a plug that creates that diversion and acceleration of outbound thinking. The band has its moods and hence it settles well with you. This particular song has that illusionary feel, making you daydream and paint a metaphoric picture in your mind.

“Let the bells ring” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The scotch-laden voice of Nick Cave sticks true to its attribute of being smooth. And the sound is more like Blues-rock. This is not a song that you listen to at a bar; this is a song that you listen by yourself or your loved one in the quaint interiors with scotch tastefully and rightfully gracing the occasion. Actually all Nick Cave songs have this quality.

Enough for the time being!

My rant got a musical twang today. Wrote something after a long time, must have been a week or so!!
Raise your glasses to music, and it will clank back with ‘cheers’


3 thoughts on “Rhythmic hews of thoughts!

  1. hmm..well-written i can safely say..though i think i’d have liked it if you’d gone on digging a bit deeper and some of them were paid a bit more attention.I guess you wrote whatever came to you when these songs played.. Try this next time, just listen to one song over and over again, and you’d find something that’s ..”lateral” (?!) ..it’s one of those things..all in the name of muse / music for inspiration.

  2. Must listen to the rest if you have so much to say about them!
    Nice associations/illusions/visions – call them wat u may!
    My reading of this blog was however, influenced by the mood!
    Point to note! it makes a difference! 🙂

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