Sweet Release

Longing for solitude, the sheer presence of people around haunts

Indifference is taking over, there’s nothing around me that daunts

Eccentricities of the highest order, I’m hanging on the edge

My conscience backing me up, nothing to stop me, not even a wedge

For a brief moment, fear gripped me, inexplicable fear

But then when it dawned that it’s social, a new zeal engulfed me I was so near

Its weird what a transition from looking back to ahead can do

Mind patterns change, needs change, you wanna jump without further ado

To an entity or abyss which lies ahead, inviting throughout, waiting for me

I feel above the ground, like floating on an airbed, or on a raised sea

As I prepare to plunge, this need pulls me, the freedom – the greed

My body stops me, and I push hard, wanting my mind to lead

I fly through anonymous space, under the gushing I wind I seep

I was already there, far away from the world, far deep

As my body kept retracting, my mind stood ahead

It’s such an orgasmic feeling, the feeling of being dead.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Release

  1. the last statement puts the poem into a wonderful perspective and gives it a crystallized sort of effect! a heavy solidity in that last word!

  2. Liked this one. The end springs out all right. Wonder if you were planning to write that yourself or it crept in on you too. either ways its powerful.

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