Raging Bull


utterly furious!! many reasons, none grave enough to stir up such an emotion by themselves, but collectively, ya, pretty much! small issues that i cant move beyond, I so want to, but then fucking can’t. I don’t mind giving the benefit of the doubt or even compromising on my part, but then hate being taken for granted. though not always, sometimes, but unfortunately, I cant control the whim. The mood swing, emotions, getting worked up, being fucking patient does not come easily. I know the above mentioned are not the best qualities, but then i dont give a rats ass if they aren’t. Though have to release the anger somewhere…hence doing it here. Reasons don’t matter… why can’t i fucking control it!

Just want someone to tick me off, badly!!

wanna see if i can stick to the verbal bashing or undo the word verbal.

fuck, i need a better outlet. though for now resorting to smoke.


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