My chair just broke!!

weird thing to happen- more weirder is that there aren’t spare chairs!!! the handle jus came off!!

but let that be.

me not here to talk about the chair.

actually just read a blog and it triggered me to write this…

not like i’ll talk about that, coz i already have to the concerned peson. I feel weird to having kept this blog private. though now with workpeople on social networking sites and in my ‘list’, cant really be foolish to let them see this. Tomorrow i turn 22, this day last year i was at water kingdom, and seems like its been an era!! The friends i had then, the acquaintances, few still remain of course. but then seems like a lot happens in these small periods of time- small when looked at in totality. you plan not to live in phases and yet somehow you do. maybe its the age or the lack of knowledge. Im not saying it won’t change or that it would, but then phases will remain. its not like i have some quest to lead life in a particular fashion with a select few…i like meeting new people-who turn acquaintances-friends. Just hate it when the communication gap forces its way in and things start fading off…sounds like im complaining, but then there are times when i myself initiate the ceasing of things- relations. Or sometimes its mutual and silence does the act of seizing or sometimes situations act as the great wall. But then all of these can be termed as excuses or valid reasons, but then the bottom line is, at regular time intervals, things-relations cease to exist.

dunno how i came to talk about phases all of a sudden- maybe the sub-conscious decided to become vocal or rather it transformed into words. this is an unusual time in my life. Unusual in many ways- the conscience, the devilish attitide, the saint in me, the deception aptitude, the genuineness , the ability to conquer, the ability to surrender, the choices, oh the choices. the sanity, the in-sanity, the phases, the drive, the laziness, the need, the need, the need, the want, the absolute…ok, too many!!!

i’ll stop!


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