The Mourning

hate the formal pretence of many…faith in god made sense this time around- especially for the aftermath so to speak…for some reason tradition as such felt right. don’t like the vocal mourners…just raise the undertone of emotion prevalent in all. it’s their way of expressing sorrow, and i do understand, but then it breaks up many around them. I dunno if it has quite sunk in yet, i have been coming to terms with it for some days. and i know the mental pictures, the agony, etc. but its much more than that. I wonder how memories come back during such times- more prominently now than ever. I guess, its habitual to look back. I mean you actually start to miss the person suddenly…a touch of sadness definitely remains, but then i’d rather remember her for her verve, and the way she looked at life. We all in our ways have made our peace with her. Maybe i’d do it through this medium. sorry for not coming to visit you, my cowardice did me in. But then, am sincerely thankful for everything. I feel unfair listing them, seems fake. I know what i’ve lost and what i have learned through the way… May your soul rest in peace.


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