just blurting out a lotta things which have kept me preoccupied…

lots of old friends have spaced out- have become acquaintances to be honest.

feels good to be out of obligation, but then also makes you feel left out, though not really a dilemma, just a feeling, im content with the way things are now. have started feeling mature- and hence conscious acts of insanity take place- maybe im trying too hard. hate the routine…all of a sudden weekends have become ‘weekends’ again. i want some parts of my past, some of my present, and some that i actually long for. Tough combination to have, well, no harm in wanting stuff, right?

have been doing some lame things again…quite unlike me- i mean the sheer stupidity so to speak, but then at least i regret doing it- so its keeping me levelheaded. too many efforts to make it simple. either im tryin too hard or not hard enuf…

wish it cud all just fall in place…

anyways, later..


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