June’s musings

Int. Morn.

(June- Naked)

JUNE (v.o)

…It’s this outcry for peace. Last night was good, but then it was just the body talking. It was like; it had a language of its own. Moment the mind takes over, moral issues get raised and socially corrupted ‘guilt’ takes over. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really pagan, or it’s just the knowledge of the same that makes me employ that term. Being raised in a social set-up and being involved with someone who counters the same gets you sub-consciously dilemmatic. It’s not like living separate lives, but rather juggling mind over another mind. It’s not as complex as it sounds. Looking beyond the matter of fact has taken me too far to see the obvious and judge it as it is.

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(X walking towards her with a glass of water and smoking a cigarette)

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(v.o contd.)

He’s something else…

Can’t really make my mind as to is he an enigma, and hence I get pulled, or else, it’s the fantasy in knowing him.

I used to be sure of things, maybe just the quest is maddening me.

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(x-naked) Giving a cigarette

Calm yourself.


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