New Experiences

The past few days have been eye-opening to say the least. To me, many of the hidden facts of Mumbai were restricted just to its factual value. Knowing it and experiencing it are two different ends. For someone as analytical as me, the assumptions and judgments are passed sub-consciously, its as simple as hearing about it, assuming yourself there, and then passing a judgment.

All this changed few days ago.

Place: JUHU

I mean we all know about the prostitutes that roam around in Rickshaws late in the night with an exceeding expectation of happiness and the consequent money that will provide the same. Surprisingly, my friend knew the rates for the services of these sexual workers, but more surprising for me was to know the place where the ‘fun’ takes place. Im passing a judgment again based on my perception of that place as described to me.

The Sex Hallway ( not the real name) : Its situated in a narrow lane, right next to the Bus stop. Its apparently one of the few places where you get alcohol on dry days. Its a hall like structure with various rooms booked for such activities. Weekends lead to heavy business often making couples wait outside these rooms for the previous couple to finish their act. There’s a cleaner who tidies the room after the room is used by a couple and makes it ready and ‘inviting’ for the next couple who enters the room.

When someone narrates something like this which surprises and animates you, one cant help but imagine how the place would look and feel like. The weird part about this is, irrespective what i’m picturing, the end result has to be beautiful. I mean logically speaking, with a girl ready to sell her body for a disputable 500 bucks, the place inevitably has to be shady. But then i imagined like a long narrow passageway with red carpet and yellow lights on the roof, with all the rooms on one side and just a long stretching wall opposite to that. Outside every room is a white bench for the couple in queue to sit. To follow this up, the cleaner will be wearing a uniform with a Jewish hat.

But then , this would be too neat a place for such activities, at least in this part of the world.

This experience was more like added knowledge rather than something raw and new. The following news was definitely new to me.

Place: Khar-link road

I never knew that khar link road is a high profile pick up point for transsexuals. This was the first time i saw like a proper herd of transsexuals waiting for cars and bikes to pick them up. I mean i wasn’t expecting this here itself, vis-a-vis in a place like Bandra-khar. Maybe the idea in Mumbai restricts our thinking to eunuchs, i mean i had seen a couple of them at town, but then it never came as a serious shock, maybe a herd jolts you.

Moving on, in the next coupla days, i came across a strange phenomena called ‘automatic writing’. There was my friend’s colleague (Manasi) who proclaimed to be an Aura reader. Somehow the topic stretched to the universal power-the source and it came to Automatic Writing. Apparently, its a common practiced phenomena in the para-psychological world.

The fact that irked me was ‘that there is a special unknown power amongst a few to call the souls through various mediums, automatic writing being one of them’.

Reasons for my disapproval of the same:

Manasi lost her grandpa at an early and hence wanted to communicate with him post his death. She had foreseen the death apparently. Then, she started reading these books on automatic writing and also contacted the author of the same, who eventually told Manasi she was ‘ready’ to practice.

Now, through this source of power, she can read minds and if focused and practiced, she can practice automatic writing everyday.

Herein, lies my problem.

Firstly, if she would have never read about it, with no knowledge, all this would have been termed as unknown phenomena. She had given me an example of a illiterate villager writing in english after the spirit had controlled her body, which is still unknown phenomena.

Now, i am no whiz with the concept of automatic writing, but as i see it, i’ve heard the spirits are free and cannot be controlled, yes they apparently descend in human form to deliver a message or something like that, if at all they do! So, these so called powerful people call the spirits within themselves and become a medium itself to communicate to whomsoever concerned>?> i mean, thats a bit too much to buy, honestly!!

If there is a prescribed way to call the souls-through these books, then why does one need special people with power to perform these spirit calling adventures, and if at all they are special and powerful, why do they need a book to guide them through?

Cant really get a sensible conclusion out of this, although if I may try getting some sense into it, it seems as if the book itself has the desired answers, as in how does one know if it worked or otherwise, and based on these assumptions, these so called conclusions must be coming out. Its like the book taught them the behavioral patterns of ‘spirits’.

Strangely enough, the assumption of possessing power makes them look at things deeply when not required. E.g: She was talking about some place, i got bored and changed the topic; to this, her conclusion was that I find her very annoying and frustrating and hence i don’t wanna talk to her, which was very weird. The matter of fact thing was that i got bored and changed the topic. The non-acceptance of this fact made me judge her as dumb and lost.

Dunno if the ‘innate power’ made her so or the knowledge of the books or something else.

though all in all- Enlightened by a new term/myth.


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